Wake up your skin with this refreshing body scrub. This is one of our favourites because the peppermint essential oil stimulates your skin while awakening your mind and body. The coffee and coconut oil will both hydrate and revitalise while the Himalayan pink salts exfoliate and cleans your skin. There are many benefits to using Peppermint oil which has the ability to help in treatment of indigestion, respiratory problems,  headache, nausea and fever,  as well as pain relief.  Whether you have had a long day and need to calm a headache or you just want to feel reinvigiorated this amazing coffee scrub is for you.  

Wild Mint- PEPPERMINT Coffee Scrub

  • Wild Mint Coffee Scrub is made with organic peppermint essential oil. This cleansing, focusing eroma helps the body and mind relax. The coffee works to tone and brighten and the coconut oil softens and hydrates your skin. Pepermint has many beneficial properties and is known as a focusing, pain relieving and stimulating fragrance.


    Our packages have enough product for 2 -3 uses

    The package is heat sealed and should last up to 6 months with the seal unbroken. Once you have opened your package we reccommend you use the product within 7 days as the ingredients are all natural and contain no preservatives.