Relax and unwind. Close your eyes and dream of walking through a beautiful garden, morning dew on rose petals, sun on your face. Epsom Salt, or magnesium sulfate, has been used for hundreds of years to help soothe aching muscles and remove toxins from the body. Epsom Salt can also help relieve stress by soaking in a salt water bath, treat skin problems and treat the common cold. Most people lack magnesium and soaking in epsom salt is one of the best ways to abosorb it.  Recharge with Wild Bella Salt Soaks!

Rose Petal - Salt Scrub

  • Wild Bella Salt Soak is made in small batches using high quality ingredients in Whistler British Columbia Canada. We use theraputic grade organic essential oils and organic floral inclusions, sourced as locally as possible! 

    Our packages have enough product for 2 -3 uses

    The package is heat sealed and should last up to 6 months with the seal unbroken. Once you have opened your package we recommend you use the product within 7 days as the ingredients are all natural and contain no preservatives.