Try all four of our specialty clay masks. Our clay masks are our top selling item. These facial masks will help draw out toxins from your pores and will leave your skin looking rejuvenated and clean. 


Each package contains enough clay for 2-3 masks. Pour 1/3 of the package into a bowl and slowly add water (about 2-3 teaspoons) until you reach a smooth consistency.  Apply to you skin and let it dry, then rinse it off with warm water. We recommend that you do this before bed. 


Add a clay mask to your beauty regular beauty regime and keep your skin feeling fresh and energized! 

Choose from four different clay types;

Australian Red Clay: *May stain clothing- A skin brightening mask enriched with iron and minerals. This clay features a unique composition, rich in minerals including Silica, Iron, Copper and Aluminum. This Dark Red Clay is rich in copper and iron and is said to help soften the skin, while also possessing stronger drawing and absorption properties then many other clays. This rejuvenating dark red clay is perfect for all skin types but is especially popular for people with oily skin as it helps to nourish and detoxify skin, eliminating wastes such as impurities, oils and dead skin cells so skin can look healthy and refreshed. This Dark Red Clay has also been shown to help improve elasticity and promotes a natural lifting effect on skin. This clay is a natural and highly stable colourant so please be mindful not to wear your favourite clothing when using this mask as it may stain. 

Pink French Clay: A light rejuvenating clay with minerals. A premium cosmetic clay from France that is a wonderful combination of Red and White Clays. French Pink Clay is considered to be the mildest clay and works well for normal, sensitive and mature skin types. French Pink Clays unique composition includes Kaolinite, Iron, Illite, Montmorillonite and Calcite. 

Yellow French Clay: A cleansing mask for dry or more sensitive skin. Our French Yellow Clay is a premium cosmetic clay from France that is made up of fine mineral particles and iron oxides that determine its beautiful color. French Yellow Clay is a mild clay that can be used on dry and sensitive skin and is considered to be a powerful cleanser which helps draw out impurities from the skin, leaving skin feeling toned, refreshed and smooth. French Yellow Clay is an excellent detoxifying clay.  

Canadian Glacial Clay: Enriched with phytoplankton. This Ultrafine Canadian Glacial Cosmetic Marine Clay is a product of erosion caused by the movement and melting of glaciers. It eventually deposits as a sediment in the ocean and becomes enriched with beneficial phytoplankton, and is one of the most pure clays on the market in terms of the concentration of minerals and elements. This clay’s net negative ion charge attracts most positively charged bacteria, contaminants, and toxins, thereby detoxifying, rejuvenating, revitalizing, and deep cleansing the skin to a new radiance. Another beneficial element to this clay is the micro size of its particles and its amazing absorptive ability. The osmotic power of the clay pulls moisture up from deep inner tissues to hydrate the surface of the skin and also cleans the skin without dehydrating it, as other cleansing agents may do. The clay is also excellent as a facial and body mask for aiding in softening the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and improving and stimulating blood circulation in the newly exposed skin cells, leaving the skin feeling refreshed, alive and glowing.
It is frequently used for treating and preventing under-eye bags, and for detoxifying the skin naturally without the use of any chemicals.  

Clay contains a ton of minerals. What makes it so great is the clays negative charge. It's all good... That doesn't mean it holds a large collection of Edgar Allen Poe novels, owns way too much black and jams too hard to "Love Hurts". That means that it attracts the Positively charged molecules of toxins on your skin! 
This is not a new science. Anthropologists learned the use of clay stems back far in history as a traditional healing method for protecting the body from disease. When combined with water and left to dry on the skin as a clay mask, the clay is able to bind to bacteria and toxins living on the surface of the skin and within pores to extract these from the pours. This helps to reduce the outbreak of blemishes, alleviate redness, and also to fight allergic reactions from irritating lotions or face washes. It also helps your skin breath! STOP SUFFOCATING YOUR SKIN! Let the Bella shine! :)


Safety: Please keep this product out of reach of children. Please discontinue use if irritation occurs.

I Want It All - Clay Mask Set of Four

  • Due to the nature of our products we are unable to offer refunds for used products. For more information please visit our FAQ page.